Survivor Made

As the social enterprise formed by Refuge for Women, Survivor Made creates jobs, builds confidence, and deepens community engagement for women who may have barriers to employment. Gaining employment skills and earning income are key elements for becoming financially stable and self-sufficient when transitioning from a long-term residential program to successful independent living.

Jennifer Wiggins, a volunteer with Survivor Made, recounts her experiences with the residents making candles as a highlight of her time serving with Refuge for Women Kentucky. She “observed joy, care, and skillfulness being infused into each candle by their hands” Each scent in the candle is “chosen carefully,” working to awaken the senses to the sweet aromas of a summer day, a freshly baked cake, or a fresh fir tree covered in snow”.

Residents work to make candles, leather goods, and jewelry, and gain something more in the process. Dignity, hope, and purpose are just a few words that survivors use to describe what Survivor Made has brought to their lives. 

Survivor Made’s artisan, hand-crafted products are stylish, high-quality and change lives one sale at a time. Their online store can be visited at: 

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