Shelly Hunt – Lousiville Community Engagement Coordinator

I love the heartbeat of Refuge for Women.  I love that we want to meet women where they are.  We take them in, get them to safety and then help them on their healing journey.  Most importantly, we introduce them to Jesus.  It is one thing to save them physically, but I want to see them saved spiritually.
My call to this ministry started a good five or more years ago.  I was approached on two separate occasions, by two different friends and how they thought I would be good at working with sexually exploited women.  I didn’t look into it and honestly brushed it off, or so I thought.  Then I started hearing about what sex trafficking looks like from my church and I bawled every single time.  I would wake up in the middle of the night tossing and turning and praying to God to use me.  I knew I couldn’t hear these harrowing stories and not act.  I sought out every opportunity for training and read every book I was given by my church and the fire was lit.  I started volunteering with Melissa Wallace and learning what I could about Refuge.  I fell in love with the organization and knew that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.

Meet Shelly

I am a Christian, wife and Mom.  I love being a Mom so much and thank God for my two children, Madeline and Jack.  My husband is Barry, and I gained a bonus daughter Brooklyn.  I am laid back and love being home and being with family.  I love movie nights, sitting outside reading, and playing with my two dogs, Sadie and Presley.

A couple of fun facts are that I can eat extremely spicy foods, I have been in a few commercials, and I talk a lot, lol.

A Note From Shelly

I cannot wait to share Jesus and His love for the women I get to serve.  I want them to know what He says about them, and that is the truth that they can stand on.  He is the great redeemer, savior, Heavenly Father, comforter, and best friend.  He is near the broken hearted, He gives a voice to the voiceless, He gives life, He gives freedom to the captives.
Refuge for Women is so important to me because we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  We are called to help those in need.  We are called to be His disciples.  Sexual exploitation is modern day slavery and this ministry frees the women held captive.  It gives them an opportunity for a life outside of the bondage they have been living in.  I am beyond grateful to have this opportunity.

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