Sharon Madison

Sharon Madison first connected to Refuge for Women Kentucky through a friend of her husband, who knew they were connected with a similar program in the Dominican Republic. From there, Sharon continued to become more plugged into through volunteer work, bringing a wealth of skills with her to bless residents. 

One of these skills is cooking. Each month, she gathers with residents to cook a creative meal, complete with side items and desserts. They have made everything from sweet and sour chicken to baklava, and the residents love this time of fellowship and, of course, the excellent food! 

Sharon recounts one particularly poignant moment, in which a typically timid resident gathered the courage to volunteer to bake cookies. After they came out of the oven and were sampled by the other survivors, a wave of affirmation began to roll her way. Sharon recalls that “a huge smile covered her face as she stated, “These are my cookies, I made them. I’ve never made anything like this before! And they are good!”

This is part of the unique brand of love that Refuge for Women Kentucky is invested in – finding hope and freedom through encouragement and Christ Jesus. Sharon has been moved by the “priceless outreach and personal attention to sweet ladies” that is a hallmark of the ministry. The creative cooking class is just one example of the intentionality and purpose that goes into every activity, knowing that God can use all things, even making a meal, as a means of grace to garner hope and transform lives.

We are so grateful for our sweet volunteers like Sharon who are willing to use their gifts and talents to bless our residents! If you would like to get connected as a volunteer, visit

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