Human trafficking is a $10 billion business in the United States. Twelve states have only one facility that focuses on aftercare for exploited women. Sixteen states have none. Without these safe houses, 80% of victims will end up back on the streets. These are terrifying statistics that Refuge for Women is working to improve, with 11 homes in the United States, serving women in 24 states to date. As the nation’s largest recovery program for victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, we know the task before us is large. But we also believe in a God who does the impossible. 

At Refuge for Women Kentucky, we experience the miraculous every day. Our residents are taught the love and care of God through our incredible staff and volunteer network that pours so much into the lives of these brave survivors. They are shown dedicated care and compassionate help, all while progressing through trauma-informed programming. As one resident put it, “I experience the love of Jesus every day in every way”. 

Our residents are our top priority. We know that the best way to serve them is to facilitate a space where they feel safe and accepted, and wait for God to meet them, whether through a planned activity, individualized counseling, a mentoring relationship, or any other way He wants to intervene. We know from experience that he does.

The same resident says that she “has people who truly love me and teach me my identity in Jesus” which has been “life-changing” for her and other residents who complete our program. It is our highest honor to walk alongside these women as they experience the transformative love of Jesus and learn to share that love with others. 

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