Sponsor A Room

Room Sponsorship Program

Each one of these rooms has a purpose. In these rooms, residents will study, paint, read, cry and be challenged to see themselves as they never have before…loved. Room sponsorship is a special way that individuals, churches, organizations and businesses can become involved with the residents that will live in these rooms. All the activities that the resident will do in these spaces promote healing and restoration of their past traumas and abuses. The residents in these rooms need your focused thoughts and prayers while they process their healing and focus, perhaps for the first time, on their future. A plaque to acknowledge the sponsorship will be displayed in each room so the residents will know somebody cares about them and is praying for them. The plaque will include a Bible verse selected by the sponsor.

Sponsorship is for 12 months. At the end of 12 months, the sponsor will have the opportunity to renew their sponsorship. If they choose to do so, they have the option to choose another Bible verse and a second plaque will hang beside the first one. If they don’t renew, their plaque will be given to them as a memento of their investment in survivor care for that year.

Thank you for your investment in “her” future.