Peyton Goodwin – Transitional Living Director

Refuge for Women Kentucky is excited to announce that Peyton Goodwin has been named Director of our new apartment complex!

Peyton originally started her journey when her husband did a service call at the Long Term Home in 2021 and came home and said “You have got to check out what this ministry is doing!” Intrigued, she investigated and immediately signed up to become a Shift Leader in the second phase of Refuge for Women’s healing continuum. In a short amount of time she worked her way up to Director of the Program as she continued to grow with the women she was journeying with. When she started with Refuge for Women she had no idea the transitions she would witness, the friendships she would gain or even the leadership experiences she would attain. With this experience in mind, Peyton enthusiastically stepped into overseeing this new and first ever addition to the ministry.

Affordable and safe next step housing has continued to be difficult to find and Refuge for Women is elated to have the opportunity to open up individual apartments designated to helping women flourish after the intensive part of their healing journey. With an onsite career training and work center the goal for formerly exploited women will not be capped at finding any attainable work outside of the sex industry. No, no. The goal is to explore who they are and can become outside of the sex industry while living independently within a safe community for up to five years as they navigate building both a sustainable and flourishing life beyond their time at Refuge for Women.

We want to offer a huge welcome back to Peyton who has already done so much to offer Hope, Home, Healing and Dignity to each ONE God sent our way. It is our prayer that we continue this journey together! Until All Are Free!

Meet Peyton

Peyton lives in a sweet little Kentucky town with her husband Clint and four kids CJ, Colton, Kylee and Luke. Being a sports family, when she’s not working you can find her court or field side cheering on one of the kiddos. She was baptized into the Christian faith her 8th grade year and actually was baptized with her grandfather!

In just 2 years of working at Refuge for Women in other phases of the program she gained much insight into the world sex trafficking and the need for raising awareness. She continues to educate others while learning on the front lines.

A Word From Peyton

Being the Transitional Living Director will be extra special to me because I will be seeing women in an even brighter light. It is a dream to help women step into the fullest expression of who they can become by helping them grow in self-efficacy, creating their community and utilizing new life skills to succeed in ways that seemed unattainable upon first entering the Refuge for Women program. I am so excited to be working with Refuge for Women because here, you aren’t just going to work, you are making a difference and doing it while serving next to people you can call family.


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