Trafficking Awareness

Maybe you can’t end human trafficking and sexual exploitation for every survivor, but what if you could help just one? Below you will find resources that can be printed and distributed to help spread awareness about warning signs to recognize and provide victims with direct access to help.

Need Help?

If you need help urgently, we encourage you to connect with the National Human Trafficking Hotline. Your safety is essential!

January Is Human Trafficking Awareness Month!

You can help END IT FOR HER! Do you see a need in your community, local business, organization, or church for these resources? Print and distribute the following documents to raise awareness. Thank you for helping to END IT FOR HER

Information Card

8.5" x 11"

18" x 24"

Texas Required Signage

Texas law requires posting of human trafficking signage by certain types of businesses and entities. See the table below to view statutory requirements for certain businesses and entities, and to download corresponding signage.

Type of Business/Entity

Required Sign(s)

Statutory Requirement

State Parks and TPWD Recreational Facilities

Cosmetology businesses: Salons, barbershops,
and cosmetology schools

Sexually Oriented Businesses
Tattoo Studios
Transportation Hubs

Signage Examples

Office of the Attorney General
Commercial Establishments

Department of Licensing
and Regulation

and Human Services Commission

Office of the Attorney General (Commercial Lodging/Hotels)

Texas Alcoholic