Melissa Wallace

Melissa Wallace became involved with Refuge for Women Kentucky through the women’s ministry at her church in Louisville, KY. As she got more involved, she found that she loved “serving women, helping to meet needs, love them, and make them feel heard and seen”. She soon found her way to an anti-trafficking advocate team, which then connected her to Refuge for Women.

Through this sweet journey, Melissa is now serving as the Development Director of Refuge for Women Kentucky. In this season of expansion, God has brought about an incredible opportunity to build an Emergency House in the Louisville area, and she is “so excited to see that first shovel go into the ground!” 

Beyond just the construction, she is encouraged daily by clear evidence of God moving in the hearts of people who are saying yes to using the resources and giftings to build a home to provide for women we don’t even know yet.

This new Emergency House will be yet another opportunity to serve women, and that is “the most important thing. It is essential to stay close to the why of this work. “It is all about women who were once oppressed, not only overcoming but becoming the light and love of Jesus themselves,” she says. “That really excites me!” Melissa’s role also includes advocating for the mission of RFW KY, something that she says “blesses her daily”.

Everything that Refuge for Women Kentucky does is for God and through his power. Melissa’s deep passion for the Lord and her placement in this role combine to make the “transformation work that God does with the RFW KY collective effort” the main focus. Melissa exudes excitement for this focus, saying that “it is so much more than we could ask for!” 

RFW KY is so grateful to have her on our team, and we celebrate with her as we move closer to the Emergency House groundbreaking in July!

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