Local Law Enforcement Meet and Tour Emergency Home

Jackie* was first sold for sex by a family member when she was five years old. Now in her late 30s, she has been trafficked on and off for years and has been diagnosed with mental health, physical and substance use disorders. Safety was one of Jackie’s main concerns as she had been pursued by her traffickers across multiple states. After graduating from Refuge for Women Pittsburgh, she was accepted into a two-year long-term program in another state where she will continue her journey.  

While the residents of the Emergency Home enjoyed a special outing, Refuge for Women Pittsburgh hosted a meeting with members from the PA Office of Attorney General – Western Division, City of Pittsburg Police Special Victims Unit and Zone 3, and City of Pittsburgh’s Office of Community Health and Safety at the Emergency Home.

Organized by RFW Pittsburgh Board Member and City of Pittsburgh Police Detective Joseph Ryczaj, the meeting enabled attendees to learn about the program, tour the house, and discuss opportunities and challenges in identifying and supporting local survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation.

“Today was a tremendous opportunity to explain how Refuge for Women Pittsburgh can help law enforcement as they identify and seek services for survivors of sex trafficking,” said Linda Kricher, RFW Pittsburgh’s Board President.

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