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Community Sponsorships 2022

Refuge for Women Las Vegas (RFWLV) is looking for new partners to be a Community Sponsor for 2022. Community Sponsorships are an opportunity for you and your team to partner with RFWLV to ensure the continued operations of our two local safe houses and positive life change for our residents. Sponsorships are available at levels to best fit your commitment and ability. In exchange for your sponsorship, we will provide public acknowledgment and volunteer opportunities as outlined below. 

What is the best fit for you and your company?

Community Sponsorship Levels

BRONZE, $1,000

  • Company name, logo, and sponsorship level included in all 2022 RFWLV event programming and/or promotional materials [may include flyers, pamphlets, t-shirts, or other merchandise].
  • Company logo and level acknowledgement included on the RFWLV website for 1 year.
  • Social media shout outs for your company on our platforms.

SILVER, $2,000

  • All BRONZE benefits, plus
  • Opportunity to have RFWLV host a Trafficking Awareness event for your employees, at an agreed upon day/time.

GOLD, $5,000

  • All SILVER benefits, plus
  • Company will be included in all local press releases announcing RFWLV 2022 partnerships.

DIAMOND, $10,000

  • All GOLD benefits, plus
  • Opportunity to include swag items for promotion at any 2022 event.

PLATINUM, $20,000

  • All DIAMOND benefits, plus
  • Booth/table space at all 2022 events.

EXECUTIVE, $30,000+:

  • All PLATINUM benefits, plus
  • VIP booth/table space at all 2022 events.
  • A live shout out/acknowledgement during all 2022 events.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Fill out the form below and we will be in touch!

Thank You to all of our Corporate Partners

Executive Partners ($30,000+)

Diamond Partners ($10,000)

Gold Partners ($5,000)

Silver Partners ($2,000)

Bronze Partners ($1,000)

Thank You to all of our Church Partners

House Partners

What does the Refuge House mean to you? We asked the current residents this and here is what they said:

“This house means hope”, “this house means freedom”, “this house means new life”.

As you can see, this house matters. You can ensure this house continues to bring hope, freedom and new life by becoming a House Partner through room sponsorship.  Room sponsorship is a special way that individuals, churches, organizations and businesses can partner on a very personal level with Refuge for Women Las Vegas. We’re inviting partners to sponsor a room in the house. The sponsorship will support all the activities that take place in that room which promote healing and restoration of sexually exploited women. Sponsorship is a tangible way for sponsors to focus their thoughts, prayers and resources upon a single room where the process of healing is doing its work. A plaque to acknowledge the sponsorship will be displayed in each room so the residents will know somebody cares about them and is praying for them. The plaque will include a Bible verse selected by the sponsor. An identical plaque will also be given to the sponsor to display in their home/organization/business or church. The plaque serves as a reminder to all that we are in this together – partners bringing hope and healing to women.

Sponsorship is for 12 months. At the end of 12 months, the sponsor will have the opportunity to renew their sponsorship. If they do, they have the option to choose another Bible verse and a second plaque will hang beside the first one. If they don’t renew, their plaque will be removed to make room for the new room sponsor’s plaque.

We asked the residents to share what each room means to them. Their responses are in bold under each room description.

Long-Term Program House



“First room I stepped into – where my welcome sign hung and I first felt welcome, a reminder of where I came from – free! To wash clothes and be myself.”

This area is so important for the women. When you have lived with “nothing”, to have a full pantry can be overwhelming. This area speaks hope and a future. When the women open their pantry door, they see that they are provided for, taken care of and not forgotten.



“First dose of good family fun and chaos. Safe place. See creativity come to life, where I learn how to interact with people and feel a part of something”

This room is more than just food! This space is where the women gather to laugh, to learn cooking skills, to prepare food for their week, etc. The kitchen island is often surrounded by the ladies and the room is often filled with their laughter.



“Defines family, laughter, joy, first place I ever prayed out loud, unity and family – growing up I never had that, being one…”

The women sit down together every evening for a time around the table. Highs and Lows from the day are often shared and the women spend some time encouraging each other, praying for each other and enjoying a great meal.



“I will not go without.”

Our garage is used for storage, for extra pantry shelves, extra space for the women and extra refrigerators. A house full of women requires a lot of “space”.



“Favorite rooms, love the books, window to see outside, peaceful, a present getaway”

This room is used for the women to gather for classes or to just grab a book off the shelf and spend some time reading. The room is cozy and inviting.



“My first real Christmas, family filled laughter, worship center, learned to pray and grow closer to God, experienced the most truth.”

This room is the hub of the home. Classes are held in this room, women gather to watch a movie and have some popcorn, and often this is simply where the ladies hang out. This truly is a room full of living.



“Quality time with my sisters, process our day, place where I’ve cried the most tears and had the most laughs, retreat, solitude, safe place, come to read – crochet and be silly, experience life for the first time, bonding…”

This office space is where our Program Director spends the majority of her time. In this office the women meet with the PD to discuss their days, their concerns, their goals and their progress through the program. This office space is sacred because the most personal conversations take place here.



“Learned my faults, my strengths and weaknesses, perspective, experienced true unconditional love, vulnerable and gain insight”

This office space is where our Program Director spends the majority of her time. In this office the women meet with the PD to discuss their days, their concerns, their goals and their progress through the program. This office space is sacred because the most personal conversations take place here.



“Bonding, helping”

Our Assistant Program Director’s office is also our computer lab. This is the busiest place in the house. The ladies gather here constantly throughout the day to share something they are thinking about, tell a funny story, or just to sit and talk. This is also where they do a good chunk of their work for the program. This truly is the hub of the house and our Assistant PD keeps all of the house going.



“First room I ever prayed in, where I really connected to the Bible, where I learned who Jesus really is”

This is the space where the City Director comes to meet with residents and with staff. This space also doubles as a smaller space for holding a meeting with a resident or a class. The hanging on the wall reminds all who enter that their greatest need is Jesus.



“Where I think about being fit, where I hid the first month – a safe place”

The women in the program are required to do physical activity each week. Our wholistic approach recognizes the need for physical health as well as mental and emotional. This landing provides the women with a lot of options for getting their exercise in. You often will find a resident riding one of the bikes while reading a book. It’s a great place for them to get fit.

Transitional Living House



“Security that I am never going to run out.”

In this room so much more happens than food being cooked. Women gather, they learn to meal plan, they share about their day, this is where community isn’t just theory – it’s lived out



“A place where we can have guests over…”

This room provides the family experience of sharing a meal, healthy conversation and a lot of laughter. The table = fellowship, being a part of something larger than yourself – being a part of a family.



“I can be me! I get one on one time here with God and with myself.”

In this room the women gather to “do life”. This is where they relax at the end of a busy day, they may watch a movie together, play a game or just sit and talk. Regardless of the activity, this is the space where the women gather to share life.



“Beautiful, escape, retreat, connected with God, this is where the Lord meets me, saw my first spring”

Our backyard is a personal retreat for the ladies. The patio is a great space to get outside and enjoy your lunch or just sit and soak up some sun.



“I’m grateful that I have a safe place to lay my head and that MY belongings are in there.”

A good night’s rest is so important. The residents bedrooms are their personal haven. The middle of the night is when anxiety and fear can tend to run wild, so our residents rooms are designed and furnished to bring a sense of peace and calm.



“Freedom – to have my own washer and dryer tells me I am free.”

Laundry is a must and so appreciated by the women. If you’ve ever been homeless you understand how this room is met by the women with a grateful heart.



“Privacy, confidential, safety because I know I’m protected.”

This picture is from the hallway looking in with the door open – so you actually see inside the office – This is our community partner office. In this space, our community partners have a space to meet with the residents and assist them with additional needs and services.



“A place to retreat, renew, refresh.”

Our Transitional Living Director lives right on sight. Behind these doors lies her haven, her private quarters. What a blessing that we have a home that is able to accommodate the residents and a live in staff member. This room provides much needed rest, refreshment, and renewal.



“I’m grateful for a place to put my books.”

Our loft is our educational hub. This is where a desk is set up for the women to have a quiet space to do their work. Computer stations are here for the ladies to do what they need to do. And what loft doesn’t have some exercise equipment so the women can stay physically fit?



“At Refuge, we get molded into who we are supposed to be.”

Sometimes it is easier to create what residents are feeling rather than expressing in words the healing and restoration that is taking place. Art is a safe and fun way to heal.

Church Partnerships

THANK YOU to all our church partners that provide financial support, as well as necessary resources and goods throughout the year. If you are interested in becoming a Church Partner, please contact Robin Smith at:

  • The Crossing Church
  • Grace Baptist Church
  • Oasis Baptist Church
  • Hope Church
  • Nehemiah Ministries
  • LMCA (Lake Mead Christian)
  • Westwinds Community Church
  • Boulevard Church
  • Liberty Baptist Church
  • Paradise Church
  • Church LV
  • Sin City Church
  • Family Worship Center
  • Southern Hills Church
  • Brooke Hills Free Methodist Church