Will you be the ONE to say...

I am ONE. Giving ONE. For the ONE.

Survivor Made creates jobs and  builds the confidence of our survivors. Our artisan, hand-crafted products are stylish, high-quality and change lives one sale at a time.


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Here are four simple ways you can get involved with Refuge For Women and help us end human trafficking:


Learn about sex trafficking

Educate yourself and others about the warning signs and how to spot it in your community. This knowledge is powerful and can help save lives.


Donate to our ministry

Your generous contribution will go directly towards providing long-term care for women who have been trafficked and exploited.


Shop Survivor Made

Our social enterprise teaches women skills like creating leather goods and candles. By purchasing their products, you support their journey to healing and freedom.


Volunteer your time

We are always in need of volunteers to help with administrative tasks, events, fundraising opportunities, and more. Give your time and talents to help further our mission.

Integrated: Living Beyond The Sex Trade

In this book, Deanna address some of the biggest fears that survivors face. These fears include pressing questions, such as what happens when people find out about your past? Anxiety at being found out by people like a boss, peers, or even a significant other and their family plagues many who are trying to picture their happily even after story.

My great hope in the endeavor of creating this book is that what I share might help normalize what you are experiencing in your transition. May you be encouraged to keep pressing forward on the journey.