Awareness + Education Materials

Maybe you can’t end human trafficking and sexual exploitation for every survivor, but what if you could help just one? Please use the available resources below that can be printed and distributed to help spread awareness, education, and prevention to our community.

Need Help?

If you need help urgently, we encourage you to connect with the National Human Trafficking Hotline. Your safety is essential! Help is available 24/7, in multiple languages, free, and confidential.

CALL: 1-888-373-7888
TEXT: 233733 (or BEFREE)

You can help intervene in a victim’s life by sharing this information!

Do you see a need in your community, business, organization, or church for these resources? Print and distribute the following documents to raise awareness. Thank you for taking the bold step to aid in helping end her exploitation!

January Trafficking awareness flyer

"you are not for sale"



Additional assets are available at the Blue Campaign Toolkits page:

Please contact us at if you would like any materials customized for your business, church, or school.