Indian Hills Christian Church

When Indian Hills Christian Church first met residents from Refuge for Women Kentucky, they immediately knew they had found something special. As Mike Crowe, Executive Minister of Indian Hills, puts it, “We saw the incredible work being done through this ministry and knew we wanted to get more involved.”


Since that time, Indian Hills has “added RFW to our annual missions budget and held special Thanksgiving offerings to fund specific projects.” Even more than financial support, they have provided an army of dedicated volunteers who strive to make a difference through projects at the long-term house. One of their Sunday school classes has even constructed a fire pit area and planted a vegetable garden!


Mike says that the most important thing that they see RFW KY doing is offering redemption and hope”, and he has been so grateful to see the ministry “helping women see who they were created to be in Jesus.  Through Celebrate Recovery, we have the opportunity to see the women when they come into RFW and witness the transformation that takes place over the months as they work through the program.  Seeing them complete the program and graduate with new hope, skills, confidence, and faith is very gratifying.”


When working with RFW KY volunteers and staff, Mike has experienced “the genuine love, concern, and commitment they have for residents. They are totally invested in the women they serve.  It is not just a ministry; it is a true, heartfelt passion.”


Church partners are so important in our ministry. Indian Hills Christian Church has been an invaluable partner to Refuge for Women Kentucky. We are so grateful for the ways they have partnered with us in our ministry, and look forward to our continuing relationship!

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