Hope Is Alive!

July 11, 2022 was a date that Refuge for Women Texas Gulf Coast shall always remember. Why? A visionary’s dream of a “City of Refuge”, a safe place for women who have been trafficked and sexually exploited, became a reality. RFW TXGC 2.0 rebooted and lovingly opened its doors “For the ONES” who were cast into a never-ending abyss of darkness and pain…held captive by the clutches of the evil one. God called the leadership team and staff into this ministry and hurled us into a new dimension of serving others at that very moment in time, and none of us will ever be the same because of the strong, brave and courageous women who walked through the front door of our program house.

July 12, 2023…exactly one year ago, JN arrived at the program house to begin a transformational journey of healing, restoration and salvation. This morning during devotional time, she shared with our other residents and staff that she was an atheist when she walked through the front door of the program house and how the very next day, the program director handed her a book, Hope for the Flowers. The cover of the book is illustrated with childlike pictures of two very different caterpillars, flowers and a breathtakingly gorgeous butterfly surrounded by powerful words. “A tale ~ partly about life, partly about revolution and lots about hope for adults and others (including caterpillars who can read).” As she read the simple yet profound words on each page, it was clearly evident to her that something was happening deep within her innermost being.

"Is this a sign? Look at that caterpillar…just like the one in the book. God must be sending me a message of confirmation."

The quiet and reserved resident walked outside in the backyard and sat in a chair on Day 2 at RFW TXGC. As she glanced at the ground, JN was perplexed. She gazed at the grass and thought, “Is this a sign? Look at that caterpillar…just like the one in the book. God must be sending me a message of confirmation.”
God softened her heart and opened her ears so that she might hear the Gospel of Christ, and that’s exactly what JN did. She willingly and wholeheartedly accepted Jesus as her personal Savior…King of kings and Lord of lords. Since that moment in time, she has been radical for Jesus, seeking God’s presence and relentlessly pursuing Jesus every single day. Several months later on a bitter cold, winter’s day, those who have lavished her with unconditional love and prayer witnessed her baptism at Hope Fellowship where she is now an active member.
Since that time she has celebrated one year of sobriety while participating in Celebrate Recovery, registered for college, applied for grants and scholarships, and been recognized as a role model for other survivors. July 12, 2023 was her one-year anniversary for residency and participation in the life-changing program, and her graduation ceremony is planned for Saturday, August 5th. Once again, a host of witnesses consisting of loving family, friends, teachers, volunteers and community partners will celebrate her accomplishments and speak words of encouragement and prayer over her life as she embarks on a new journey into transitional living.
JN’s joy is contagious, and her heart is full of gratitude and thanksgiving to Refuge for Women and the opportunity to use her voice to bring hope “For the ONES”. She plans to volunteer in her new community, serve others at her church and pursue a bachelor of arts in the field of social work. Her goal is to work as a survivor at Refuge for Women Texas Gulf Coast. To God be the glory!
Guilt, shame and unworthiness have been replaced with boldness, confidence, trust and a grateful heart…hope is alive!

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