Refuge for Women is a registered 501(c)(3) not for profit organization financially supported by the generous and committed giving of individuals like you. Thank you for helping us continue to build upon our mission to rescue women from the sex industry.

EIN: 26-4388243 (Lexington) 

EIN: 61-1923738 (Louisville)

Sex trafficking and exploitation is a multi-billion dollar high profit, low-risk business, where the women we serve are sold again and again by individuals or groups of individuals who view them as objects for profit. Can you imagine someone you love walking around, feeling like they have a barcode with a dollar value attached to them? Every woman that comes through the doors of one of our homes has been through an extreme amount of trauma, oppressed, sexually and/or physically abused as a child, without hope, many have been homeless, with various levels of mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, self-harm tendencies, personality disorders, OCD tendencies, amongst other things. 

All of the women we serve are in desperate need of safety! The Refuge for Women 2-year continuum of care provides her with a safe place to go to begin the healing journey to gain the hope, tools and support she needs to pursue her dreams and live a life of freedom. Without aftercare programs like Refuge for Women, 80% of women end up being re-victimized. We cannot do this without you! 

Your donation today will make a difference in HER life! She isn’t a thing with a dollar value for purchase, she is a person with a future. Will you be the one to help provide a safe place for her to go and, at the same time, know that because of your ‘YES’ to partnering with Refuge for Women, you have been a blessing in somebody else’s story?

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