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I am One, for the One. 7th Annual Celebration Gala

We will be hosting our 7th Annual Celebration Gala, I am ONE, For the ONE, on April 13th, 2023!  These dinners are a favorite “moment” for us at Refuge for Women North Texas, as we take time to celebrate all that God HAS DONE while keeping our eyes and hearts focused on all that IS TO COME.

 This year, as the team was reflecting on this “moment” and trying to capture vision for our dinner, we were inspired by the hope of entering into the Promised Land. We are all familiar with this story. At first it was Moses who started the journey that led to the exodus. Moses answered the call stating, “Here am I Lord, send me” and the journey began.

 Following the leadership of Moses, enters Joshua. I have been studying his life and leadership lately and one of the things that has stood out in this story is the twelve stones of remembrance. Twelve men, one from each tribe, were to pick up one stone from the MIDDLE of the Jordan River. The fact that they had to pick them from the middle of the river is significant. It wasn’t on the banks of the shore, but from the very dry ground at the deepest part of the river. The half-way point.

 We are at a “halfway point” here in North Texas. We have already established half of what God has set out for us and He has been so faithful. But we know there is more to be done as we continue our journey entering into the Promised Land.

 Yet, our vision has remained the same – that every woman who is sexually exploited will have the hope, support, and the tools needed to pursue her dreams and live a life of freedom. Helping them out of their wilderness season and enter into their Promised Land is our mission.

 Those stones served a purpose for generations to come: to remember God’s faithfulness in the past, to reflect on Him in the present, and trust Him in the future. We are looking very forward to our 7th Annual Celebration Gala this year and hope you will join us! You will leave inspired as we gather together as ONE, For the ONE in this “moment” of time.

For The One,

Abby Germer

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