Do good guys still exist today?

Years ago a resident made the comment that she didn’t believe there were still good men in society.  This comment reflected years upon years of hurt and pain that she experienced with men that abandoned her and took advantage of her. Far too often she is not isolated in this belief. Women arrive at Refuge and have deep trauma from men.  It is not uncommon for women to be apprehensive about men during their initial days at Refuge for Women, however, as healing starts to happen they realize there are still many great men that love Jesus and are trying to be godly men.

If I asked you the question if there are good men in your life, I am guessing you would quickly count to 10, 20, or 30 men that each day pursue Jesus! As we think about Fathers Day weekend, all of us have been impacted in positive ways by Fathers, Uncles, Grandpas, teachers, and others. These are men that took us to church, prayed with us during challenging times, encouraged us, gave to us, and much more. I can say in my life the wisdom and encouragement that older men have given me has been life changing.  My own dad is a man of God and has loved my mom for over 60 years.  
I was asked the question this week if we allowed men to serve at Refuge for Women. I quickly answered by saying that we not only allow them to serve but are a significant healing piece of the program for residents.  Men serve alongside their wives at times in our different homes. Men cut the grass and help repair things around the homes. They serve on our board of directors and at times help residents learn math skills as they work towards GEDs. We make sure there are always good boundaries as men are involved and background checks are conducted but lots of men are involved in various ways.  
With it being Fathers Day weekend this is a perfect time for me to say thank you to all the men that are called by God to be involved. We appreciate you! You are helping break stereotypes that all men take advantage of women. Thank you for having the heart of the Heavenly Father! 
– Ked 

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