C’s Story – A First Year Of Miracles

April marks our “First Year of Miracles” at Refuge for Women SoCal, and on Sunday April 10th, over 120+ volunteers, staff, prayer warriors, donors, and friends gathered at North Coast Calvary Church to celebrate the ultimate miracle of all, a Family restored!
Let’s call her “C” for now, as in Commitment. With lots of grit. Her story has a very dark beginning, but today, it shines bright with HOPE, inspiration, and full of gratefulness.
To honor her voice as a survivor advocate and with her permission, here is just a peak into her year at Refuge for Women SoCal.
C was trafficked as a child. Some of her days were normal. Most were not.
Courageously, she overcame much but buried that hurt deep inside… college, marrying, and raising a family. However, a series of events brought all that trauma to the surface, resulting in years of unexplainable daily seizures, sleeplessness, and debilitating exhaustion. It was all born from childhood sexual trauma. After four years of seeking relief and finding none, her spiritual mentor recommended Refuge for Women. Within a week, she opted to come to this new Refuge for Women home in San Diego.
It was extreme to leave a family behind, but they believed Refuge was their last resort, committing to the year-long program in hope of a better day.
The full story is C’s to tell, but on Sunday, we all celebrated it together!
– Persevered the darkest moments, seeing her first major break-thru at 5 months
– Free of all seizures for 7 months now, with tools to regulate long-term trauma
– Completely free of all 10 of her anxiety and psych meds
– Lost 67 pounds with healthy diet and exercise, and makes an incredible cappuccino
– Worked at a large retail store and honored as a model employee
– A hopeful and bright encouragement to staff and other residents
– Desires to use her survivor voice to inspire healing in others
BEST OF ALL… (cue the tears!)
The Graduation Ceremony transformed into a Wedding with a renewal of their sacred vows, a reunion of a beautiful family, and a celebration of their unconditional love. She asked Dan to walk her down the aisle… Refuge for Women giving her back to her husband!
C quickly shares that her time at Refuge was a divine intervention, bigger than we all could have ever imagine. What a blessing for us all to share in her miraculous journey of healing and restoration. Today, C is now joyfully celebrating Easter Weekend with her loving husband and family. Together they are re-starting a new life, free and transformed like the butterfly in her beautiful ink drawings.
Her picture hangs on our Refuge SoCal Graduate Honor Wall as an inspiration to the residents on the same path. She is the first of many more miracles to come.
C beams with gratitude for the large Refuge family, giving the ultimate thanks to the God of Love and Grace that so personally and dramatically changed C’s family, forever.

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