Young Leaders Board

Thank you for your interest in Refuge for Women Chicago’s Young Leaders Board. We are currently accepting applications and look forward to hearing from you!


This select group of young professionals and community leaders from McHenry County, and the broader Chicagoland region, is designed to integrate the time, talents and interests of its members to help further the mission of Refuge for Women Chicago. Members will engage the community and new supporters through volunteering, networking, and advocacy opportunities. The Young Leaders Board is also a career and volunteer development opportunity geared toward young professionals interested in philanthropic and community leadership with future interest in board service.

Governance, Composition & Commitment

  • Members will be self-governed and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, establishing official group name and meeting frequency, setting member/leadership responsibilities, developing strategies to reach objectives, expanding Charter

  • Refuge for Women’s Young Leaders Board will be comprised of at least 5 young business professionals and community leaders with an annual growth goal.

  • Personal commitment of $100 annually – 100% of these contributions will fund the Junior Board’s meetings and activities.

  • The Young Leaders Board will be required to hold at least 4 meetings annually.


  1. Collaborate and leverage professional and social networks to advance Refuge for Women Chicago’s mission

  2. Help Refuge for Women Chicago increase awareness of mission and build community/volunteer engagement

  3. Provide support for special events, fundraising campaigns and volunteer-related activities

  4. Act as ambassadors of the organization

  5. Participate in strategic planning stakeholder forums

  6. Consult on campaigns and initiatives related to brand awareness or advocacy

  7. Plan at least 1 activity/event annually to recruit new members and/or raise funds to support Refuge for Women’s mission

Member Qualifications

If you are passionate about Refuge for Women and are willing to invest your time and talents, we welcome you to apply! 


  • Between the age of 18 and 30

  • Align with Refuge for Women’s core values (Please read our Statement of Faith)

  • A desire to advocate for others

  • A willingness to volunteer, donate, and promote Refuge for Women’s mission

  • Prior engagement as donor, volunteer, and/or non-profit supporter

Application Process

If you are interested in joining the board, please reach out to Sybil Baxa at to request an application.