Sponsor A Room

Room Sponsorship Program

Every room in this Transitional Living Home has a purpose. 

Here, graduates from Refuge for Women Chicago’s 12-month Long Term Program will move into Transitional Living to continue 12 additional months of healing, growth, and life skills development.

She will study, cook, craft, read, laugh, cry and bloom as the woman she’s always wanted to become. Every activity conducted in these rooms promotes healing and restoration for her past trauma and abuse. Refuge for Women Chicago’s Room Sponsorship initiative is a special way that you – individuals, churches, organizations and businesses – can actively impact and support the graduates thriving in this home. 

To acknowledge the generosity of your care and support, a photo book with your picture and custom message to the residents will be printed and available for them to read whenever they need encouragement.

“…he blesses the home of the righteous.” –Proverbs 3:33

Check out our Gift Registry to purchase additional items to fill the home!