The "Miracle Projects" List

Can you help Refuge for Women create a more trauma-informed healing space at our Long Term Program Home for survivors of sexual exploitation?

You have an opportunity to bring critical renovations to bless the women healing at Refuge for Women. From April to June, our home will be temporarily vacant to accomplish projects without disrupting their rhythm and space! We’re believing in the miracle of finding generous, willing, and able individuals and businesses to support our Miracle Projects! Are you one of them?

Areas needing miracle renovations and your help:

The Kitchen

The kitchen needs walls torn down and opened up for an open floor plan to reduce crowding and increase functionality. We spend lots of time socializing here and need it operating at its best! This is a Full Gutting Project.

The Patio/Deck

The patio/deck needs extension to allow for fellowship, peace, serenity, and fun. We currently cannot fit a full table and chairs on the small cement slab. This is a Full Installation Project.

The Living Room

The living room needs full scope cosmetics: brightening paint, soothing lighting, brand new furniture and accessories, multi-use functionality, and increased organization and storage. This room is our priority to make it comfortable, open, and functional for the residents. This is a Cosmetic Project.

The Backyard

The backyard has high potential to be a place of reflection, peace, tranquility, and unity! We seek to put in a landscaped healing prayer garden area and path. This is a Full Installation Project.

First Level Flooring

First level flooring needs to be replaced. We have some loose and cracked tiles… and stepping barefoot on crumbling grout can be painful! This is a Full Installation Project.


Donate Contracting Services or Materials.

Host A Gift Card Drive

Help offset the décor and supply costs by encouraging others to donate gift cards to Amazon, Home Depot, Menards, Lowes, Target, Home Goods, Wayfair, At Home, Hobby Lobby, etc.

Connect Us With Others

Who do you know? Who can you ask? Can you connect us to businesses and individuals who may be interested in supporting these projects?

Give a Financial Gift

Support our Miracle Projects by donating today! Be sure to add “Miracle” in the memo.

Contact us for more information or to see how you can support the Miracle Project.