Celebrating Our 4th Graduate!

Jackie* was first sold for sex by a family member when she was five years old. Now in her late 30s, she has been trafficked on and off for years and has been diagnosed with mental health, physical and substance use disorders. Safety was one of Jackie’s main concerns as she had been pursued by her traffickers across multiple states. After graduating from Refuge for Women Pittsburgh, she was accepted into a two-year long-term program in another state where she will continue her journey.  

We are blessed to announce the graduation of our 4th resident from our 90-day Emergency Housing program.  “Nancy” who experienced sexual assault, trafficking and exploitation since her substance use disorder began when she was 15 years old, had attended several addiction treatment programs over 20 years.

“In rehab programs, therapists had told me to ‘sit with my feelings,’ but they were too scary, and I didn’t feel safe. I would get out of rehab and then impulsively start using again to avoid dealing with what I was feeling and remembering. At Refuge for Women, I found the space, time and support that I needed to address the trauma and learn new behaviors and tools to use. The people here really do care so much about me.  I am excited to now move forward in my life!”

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