Running With Purpose

Running is Katy’s happy place, her time to herself and to enjoy nature. She also loves setting big goals for herself in running and working hard to reach them. Katy Zweifel has only run the Wesley Waddle once in 2023, and she won the 10k! Her husband, Tyler, has run in it nearly every year, has […]

Jackie Graduates from Emergency Home

Jackie* was first sold for sex by a family member when she was five years old. Now in her late 30s, she has been trafficked on and off for years and has been diagnosed with mental health, physical and substance use disorders. Safety was one of Jackie’s main concerns as she had been pursued by […]

Refuge for Women Kentucky Opens Apartment Complex

Janie* arrived at Refuge for Women Pittsburgh after being released from serving almost 2 years in jail for drug and gun possession. Refuge for Women Kentucky was recently featured on multiple news story highlighting the opening of the ‘Free to Flourish’ apartment complex. WKYT WLEX WTVQ

Being A Cathedral of Hope

Merry Christmas to all of you! In the midst of the holiday rush and celebration, I wanted to take a moment to share a heartfelt message that has been resonating with me lately. A dear friend spoke about how our lives should serve as a “Cathedral of Hope.” This powerful concept has me reflecting on […]

Hope Is Alive!

July 11, 2022 was a date that Refuge for Women Texas Gulf Coast shall always remember. Why? A visionary’s dream of a “City of Refuge”, a safe place for women who have been trafficked and sexually exploited, became a reality. RFW TXGC 2.0 rebooted and lovingly opened its doors “For the ONES” who were cast […]

God’s Sufficient Grace

Have you ever felt the sting of, “I really messed up!” followed by the blessing of experiencing God’s immense love and grace towards you? Every one of us is a recipient of God’s sufficient grace – even when we don’t recognize it. And one of the most amazing privileges of being a part of Refuge […]

North Texas Staff Joins Anti-Trafficking Roundtable Discussion

Texas State Representative, Tan Parker, hosted an anti-trafficking summit and roundtable discussion at University of Texas at Dallas. Rep. Parker, along with local North Texas law enforcement, other government agencies, and many anti-trafficking organizations that included Refuge for Women North Texas gathered to strategize in order to execute ways to eradicate human trafficking and child […]

Refuge for Women Partners with Rescue America

When the Lord called Allison Madrigal out of her corporate job, she knew He was also calling her to the anti-trafficking movement. She started observing a number of organizations that were involved in outreach and awareness with others offering long-term housing, however, no one was involved in the middle step: the rescue. “There was no […]

Moving Up!

This month, we have some of the best news we can get for one of our residents. Miss C just got a job! When our residents arrive at Refuge for Women, they know they have a long journey ahead of them. Unpacking the burdens and wounds of the past while maintaining hope for the future […]