Redeeming Joy

The mission of Refuge for Women is to help daughters of God heal and recover from events in their past. But did you know that part of that is giving them opportunities and experiences they didn’t have? At Refuge, part of the healing process, along with recovery from traumas and substance abuse, is having celebrations […]

Texas Gulf Coast Home Welcomes New Residents

These days the air ripples with excitement at the Refuge for Women’s Texas Gulf Coast residential program house as a full staff and an army of volunteers prepare to welcome new residents on July 11. Former board member Miranda Corn, now serving as Executive Director of the Gulf Coast home, applauds the extensive preparations by […]

Do good guys still exist today?

Years ago a resident made the comment that she didn’t believe there were still good men in society.  This comment reflected years upon years of hurt and pain that she experienced with men that abandoned her and took advantage of her. Far too often she is not isolated in this belief. Women arrive at Refuge […]

Education Scholarship Program

To assist women survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in their lifelong journey to healing, Refuge for Women has launched the Education Scholarship Program for residents and graduates of the Refuge program. While the Refuge has provided housing and holistic services for over 10 years, a key piece missing in the effort to equip women […]

Jackie’s Story – Someone Believed In Me

Jackie’s Story: Someone Believed In Me! Looking at me today, you probably have no idea what kind of life I lived before.  The sassy, spunky, confident person you see before you…. is not the same person I used to be. Prior to coming to Refuge for Women, North Texas, I had a really sorry attitude. […]

Mourning Our Losses

She wore the pain of her life and her brokenness with every brand permanently etched on her body. Her God-given identity was stolen at a tender age. When playing with dolls, building towers with blocks, and swinging on swings with complete giddiness should have been what flooded her young mind, the process of breaking her […]

C’s Story – A First Year Of Miracles

April marks our “First Year of Miracles” at Refuge for Women SoCal, and on Sunday April 10th, over 120+ volunteers, staff, prayer warriors, donors, and friends gathered at North Coast Calvary Church to celebrate the ultimate miracle of all, a Family restored!Let’s call her “C” for now, as in Commitment. With lots of grit. Her […]

Miranda’s Story, Experiencing God In New Beginnings

“I never really dreamed that I was going to be on staff,” Miranda Corn began the conversation, “I kind of pictured myself as a volunteer and being engaged in that way.” Miranda’s ties with Refuge for Women began as that, a volunteer with the Texas Gulf Coast location, but very recently stepped into an Executive […]

Rocco’s Story, Part One: A Parent’s Fight against Addiction and Trafficking

“I do love telling a story, because it’s all about Christ, and what the Lord has done is just absolutely amazing in ten years of my life, but especially the last two or three,” Rocco Magnelli, a board member of Refuge for Women’s new Pittsburgh location, began our conversation with this disclaimer, and continued to […]