Indian Hills Christian Church

When Indian Hills Christian Church first met residents from Refuge for Women Kentucky, they immediately knew they had found something special. As Mike Crowe, Executive Minister of Indian Hills, puts it, “We saw the incredible work being done through this ministry and knew we wanted to get more involved.”   Since that time, Indian Hills […]


Human trafficking is a $10 billion business in the United States. Twelve states have only one facility that focuses on aftercare for exploited women. Sixteen states have none. Without these safe houses, 80% of victims will end up back on the streets. These are terrifying statistics that Refuge for Women is working to improve, with […]

Sharon Madison

Sharon Madison first connected to Refuge for Women Kentucky through a friend of her husband, who knew they were connected with a similar program in the Dominican Republic. From there, Sharon continued to become more plugged into through volunteer work, bringing a wealth of skills with her to bless residents.  One of these skills is […]

Melissa Wallace

Melissa Wallace became involved with Refuge for Women Kentucky through the women’s ministry at her church in Louisville, KY. As she got more involved, she found that she loved “serving women, helping to meet needs, love them, and make them feel heard and seen”. She soon found her way to an anti-trafficking advocate team, which […]

Survivor Made

As the social enterprise formed by Refuge for Women, Survivor Made creates jobs, builds confidence, and deepens community engagement for women who may have barriers to employment. Gaining employment skills and earning income are key elements for becoming financially stable and self-sufficient when transitioning from a long-term residential program to successful independent living. Jennifer Wiggins, […]