I appreciate Abby letting me share my heart regarding our upcoming “Beyond” Annual Ladies Luncheon! Before I do that, let me take just a moment to tell you how grateful I am for the prayer and support I have received from all of you over the past couple of months. For those of you who may not know, I had surgery on April 4th to remove a golf ball size tumor in my head. My recovery has progressed much better than I had expected, but unfortunately, I will have to undergo an additional surgery in July to remove the remaining 20%. At the beginning of 2023, I felt this would be a year of change, and my life has certainly been different since this diagnosis. My prayer is that in July, the new MRI will reveal the tumor has been healed. I would love it if you would pray this along with me.

As for the upcoming luncheon…I am so excited I will be able to attend! For me and many other women, this is the most anticipated event of the year. My heart behind the ladies’ luncheon is so much different than our annual gala. After our gala in 2021, I realized there were so many women who were unable to attend for one reason or another but wanted to be a part of our mission. My desire was to create an easy onramp for women to gather their friends to learn about Refuge for Women. Through graduate/survivor testimonies and a relaxed, entertaining atmosphere, my goal is that each person who attends is ignited with a fire to join the battle in bringing hope to more women! Each ticket is affordably priced making it easier to invite a friend. We also encourage women to decorate their own tables! Part of the fun is walking around the room appreciating the beautifully decorated tables.

This event is for ladies only (sorry guys). This is a day to get girly, enjoy a meal together, laugh and maybe even shed a tear.  Since it is just us girls, we have the freedom to let our hair down and get “real”.

Mark your calendars, get your summer dress picked out, and find a matching hat! Invite your friends and join us for this wonderful event! I can’t wait to see you there!

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