Meet Our New Executive Director – Deanna Lynn

Refuge for Women Kentucky is excited to announce that Deanna Lynn Spangler is their new Executive Director! She was the first Refuge for Women graduate to complete the one year program. This was back when there was one sweet house with 8 beds for exploited and trafficked women on a farm in KY. Since graduating […]

Trivia Night

Thank you to our Trivia Night attendees for raising nearly $4,000 to support Refuge for Women! We had a blast with Elephino Trivia leading trivia and games and enjoyed everyone’s competitive spirit. Congratulations to our winners!

God’s Sufficient Grace

Have you ever felt the sting of, “I really messed up!” followed by the blessing of experiencing God’s immense love and grace towards you? Every one of us is a recipient of God’s sufficient grace – even when we don’t recognize it. And one of the most amazing privileges of being a part of Refuge […]

North Texas Staff Joins Anti-Trafficking Roundtable Discussion

Texas State Representative, Tan Parker, hosted an anti-trafficking summit and roundtable discussion at University of Texas at Dallas. Rep. Parker, along with local North Texas law enforcement, other government agencies, and many anti-trafficking organizations that included Refuge for Women North Texas gathered to strategize in order to execute ways to eradicate human trafficking and child […]

Gala at the Farmstead

Refuge for Women Chicago hosted our annual “Gala at the Farmstead” on Thursday, September 15, 2022 to raise life-transforming funds for survivors of sexual exploitation. More than 180 attended the Gala and we have raised more than $58,00! If you were unable to attend the Gala but would like to partner with Refuge for Women, please […]

Refuge for Women Partners with Rescue America

When the Lord called Allison Madrigal out of her corporate job, she knew He was also calling her to the anti-trafficking movement. She started observing a number of organizations that were involved in outreach and awareness with others offering long-term housing, however, no one was involved in the middle step: the rescue. “There was no […]

Moving Up!

This month, we have some of the best news we can get for one of our residents. Miss C just got a job! When our residents arrive at Refuge for Women, they know they have a long journey ahead of them. Unpacking the burdens and wounds of the past while maintaining hope for the future […]

Men’s Movement Partners with Refuge for Women

One church’s passion to awaken a movement of greatness in the hearts of men is bringing both awareness and funding to Refuge for Women. Five years ago, the staff at Gateway Church in Scottsdale, Arizona, birthed the outside-of-the-box ministry “Every Man A Leader,” with a vision to be more than a routine church program. “It’s […]

Redeeming Joy

The mission of Refuge for Women is to help daughters of God heal and recover from events in their past. But did you know that part of that is giving them opportunities and experiences they didn’t have? At Refuge, part of the healing process, along with recovery from traumas and substance abuse, is having celebrations […]