North Texas Anticipates the Return of “Survivor Made”

Abby Germer is both emphatic and convincing when she announces, “We will have Survivor Made back at Refuge for Women North Texas.” As the executive director of the North Texas location where she’s served in various roles since the doors opened in 2015, Abby believes 1000% in the value of this component of the Refuge […]

2022 Louisville Gala

November 4, 2022 6:30PM  |  City Place – Lagrange, KY  |  Join us for an uplifting, energetic evening with dinner, live music and guest speaker Mike and Debbie Breau! Help us raise life-transforming funds for survivors of sexual exploitation. WHEN November 4, 20226:30pm WHERE City Place, Pavilion 2112 S First Ave.Lagrange, KY Guest Speaker Mike […]

Pittsburgh Refuge for Women to Launch Emergency Home

Recent headlines in Pittsburgh have highlighted the crucial need for emergency housing and the intensive trauma care needed by sex trafficking survivors. When an intensive investigation ended a sex trafficking scheme, the Western District of PA U.S. Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Taskforce reached out to Theresa Golden, executive director of the soon-to-be-launched Refuge for Women […]

Beyond Expectations

When the SoCal ladies rallied together to put in a request for a day trip to Hollywood, we were impressed by their initiative and teamwork. We were excited with them to have a day of adventure and fun. What we didn’t realize though was how God would show up for us there and how the […]

Rocco’s Story, Part Two: Putting Together the Pieces

Back within his calling with personal experiences cultivating a deep fire for the cause, Rocco Magnelli was rescuing women and children from trafficking situations on a daily basis. As a victim advocate, he committed to staying in the victim’s life and doing whatever he could to help them heal from their trauma and find a […]

M’s Story: Big Dreams Inspired by a Big God

From a young age, “M” has known the heartache of separation from those she loved. Her story begins in the Philippines where she lived with her mother and siblings. At the age of eight, she and two younger siblings were placed in an orphanage in Manilla. And that’s where she found Jesus and began her […]

Elizabeth Echevarria

Living in Liberty was founded in 2012 by Elizabeth Echevarria to restore dignity, freedom, and a new life to victims of commercial sexual exploitation by creating a safe, secure, loving, and nurturing community where healing occurs and a new life begins. Elizabeth is an amazing warrior with a servant’s heart. She became interested in the […]

The Asservo Project: Combating Trafficking with a Modern and Global Perspective

Human trafficking is one of the darkest and most complex issues facing our world today, and a complex issue requires a multifaceted approach to fully address it. At Refuge for Women Pittsburgh, we would like to acknowledge and honor the organizations who are working diligently to help women in need by utilizing unique perspectives and […]