Ending Human Trafficking one woman at a time

We are the nation's largest housing program for victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Texas Roadhouse National Campaign

Refuge for Women is thrilled to partner with Texas Roadhouse in a groundbreaking initiative to combat human trafficking and support survivors on their journey to healing and restoration. 

Texas Roadhouse National Campaign

Refuge for Women is thrilled to partner with Texas Roadhouse in a groundbreaking initiative to combat human trafficking and support survivors on their journey to healing and restoration. 


from shame


to heal


The trafficking of human beings for sex is happening right here, in our communities, all around us, every day.

It is an industry that generates billions of dollars annually, and it exploits some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

Refuge for Women provides a safe place for women who are victims of sex trafficking. And while this problem feels international in its scope, it is very much a local issue. In fact, it is happening in your community right now.

There is A Crisis in Our Communities

$ 1 +

Sex Trafficking is a $10 Billion industry in the United States. 

5 %

End up back on the street without a safe recovery home.


Twelve states have only one house offering safety and recovery. 


Sixteen states have no recovery housing at all.

We help women find hope and healing so they can lead fulfilling lives.


When a woman understands that she is worth more than what she has been told, she can start to see a future worth fighting for.

Long-Term Care

We stand with the women we serve for as long as it takes. This combats feelings of abandonment and hopelessness by providing stability and care during a time of great need.

Pathways To
Ultimate Freedom

Our social enterprise, Survivor Made, is helping women learn valuable skills and discover their unique gifts so they can provide for themselves and their families, break the cycle of poverty, and live fulfilling lives.

Survivor Made creates jobs and  builds the confidence of our survivors. Our artisan, hand-crafted products are stylish, high-quality and change lives one sale at a time.

Here are four simple ways you can get involved with Refuge for Women and help us end human trafficking:


Learn about sex trafficking

Educate yourself and others about the warning signs and how to spot it in your community. This knowledge is powerful and can help save lives.


Donate to our ministry

Your generous contribution will go directly towards providing long-term care for women who have been trafficked and exploited.


Shop Survivor Made

Our social enterprise teaches women skills like creating leather goods and candles. By purchasing their products, you support their journey to healing and freedom.


Volunteer your time

We are always in need of volunteers to help with administrative tasks, events, fundraising opportunities, and more. Give your time and talents to help further our mission.

Refuge for Women is a non-profit, faith based organization helping women overcome these challenges.

Women Served
Homes In Operation Across the U.S.
States Where Care Has Been Offered

Serving women nationwide in 10 homes spanning 6 metropolitan areas.



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Texas Gulf Coast

Alia’s Story of Hope

Refuge for Women graduate, Alia, tells her story of life change after a life involved in the sex industry.

To read more stories of hope like Alia’s, click below.

The truth is, we can make a difference.

We can create real change when we come together and raise our voices. We can fight back against the injustice of sex trafficking and help set these women free.

We believe there is reason to hope. We believe that every woman has worth and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. We are committed to helping women find healing and freedom from their past.

Imagine a day when every woman is free from the fear of being bought and sold. When every woman can walk in the fullness of her God-given potential. This is the future we are fighting for.

Join us in the fight to end human trafficking, one woman at a time!

The Refuge for Women Story

Refuge for Women opened its doors in June 2010. Without much concept of a staffing model, the original team was composed of a program director, a house mom who stayed in the home at night, and an office administrator.

Each of them had their own story of being led out of a comfortable job to come serve with Refuge.

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Becoming Fearless Podcast

A podcast helping pre-teens & teens become fearless women of God!